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Lifestyle Villages
Lifestyle communities and holiday parks
Lifestyle Villages
Lifestyle communities and holiday parks

How it Works


  1. Sell your existing home.
  2. Purchase a new home in one of our villages.
  3. Invest the balance of your home equity in appropriate investments.
  4. Use your increased income to maximise your lifestyle.

What’s different about a Lifestyle Village?

No Entry or Exit Fees
Good news! There’s no entry, exit or deferred management fees at Lifestyle Villages. Any capital gains achieved are yours to keep.

No Stamp Duty, Rates or Taxes
There are no Government charges such as stamp duty. You are not even required to engage a Solicitor unless
you desire to do so.

No Sinking Funds or Body Corporate Fees
There are no body corporate fees. We have onsite managers who look after operations within the communities
and the maintenance of our community facilities.

Single Level Homes
We work closely with architects and designers to create homes that are both functional and accessible. Or you can buy one of our pre owned homes in any of our Villages.

Simplified Contract
We removed the red tape and confusing clauses to create a simple and straight forward contract that anyone can understand.

Rental Assistance
If you’re eligible for a pension, rental assistance is paid on your site fees or payments through Centrelink or Veteran’s Affairs.
We make it easier for you to own a new home.
At Lifestyle Villages, you only purchase your home itself, not the land it sits on. This process is regulated by the Residential Parks Act in each state.

4-step process

We’ve created a simple 4-step process to help make the process hassle-free for you.

Step 1: Home & Site Selection
Choose your dream home and location at one of our Lifestyle Villages. When you’re ready,place a deposit to secure your site. You then choose your home design and the internal/external colour selections.

Step 2: Order your home
Once your building plans become available, your Sales Consultant will meet with you to discuss the plans and contract in detail. To complete your order, payment of 50% of the house price is required. Construction of your new home will commence inline with our building schedule.

Step 3: Delivery of your home
Your home is delivered to the site and connected to all utilities. A further 30% of the house price is paid on delivery.

Step 4: Settlement
This is the final step in transferring ownership of your home. The balance owing on your home is paid and a Residential Site Agreement is signed. Your Sales Consultant will walk you through your new home. Now you’re ready to move in and enjoy your new home!

Do You Have Any Questions?

Making the choice to move to a Lifestyle Village is an important decision. If you have questions about Lifestyle Villages, we’ve got the answers.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions and find out more.

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