Why become part of the Lifestyle Villages community?

Many residents speak of a “sense of belonging “combined with a “sense of freedom and security” that only community living can offer.

Lifestyle living is a community where everyone knows your name, you own your own home on a manageable sized block and can be as social or as private as you wish.

Becoming part of a warm, friendly, welcoming, atmosphere, many residents form lifelong friendships within the community and go out of their way to look out for each other.

A varying range of activities and social functions are on offer in the villages, from organised events such as Melbourne Cup lunches, to crafts, trivia nights, dance nights and bingo to just name a few.


Lifestyle Villages usually have a range of facilities and amenities for the use of residents. Facilities may include swimming pools, gyms, BBQ areas, libraries and community halls. Use of these facilities is included in your weekly site fee. Many villages also offer a number of activities, clubs and events for residence to participate in.



Living in a Lifestyle Village is an affordable option and usually much cheaper than alternative possibilities, as you are a site tenant and do not own the land. This allows for more readily available money left in your pocket enabling you to travel, invest or spend as you see fit. There are also no council rates, taxes, stamp duty, strata fees or exit fees payable and eligible residents can take advantage of government funded rent assistance.



Living in a large home can become a demanding chore and constant work and the older we get the harder it becomes, by taking advantage of our low maintenance sites especially designed for seniors, you can reduce the amount of time and effort needed to maintain your property. The village grounds and common areas are maintained by management, so you get the benefit of the space without the effort.